Why I love judging ADDY shows

American Advertising Federation "ADDY" symbolIn the last month, I’ve judged three ADDY shows—one in Fargo, North Dakota (arctic cold with warm people); one in Great Falls, Montana (boasting a bar where mermaids swim…I swear it!); and Reno, Nevada (casinos and lots of characters). In my estimation, judging the ADDY’s is one of the most rewarding aspects of being in the ad biz. You get to see great work, which oh by the way, happens EVERYWHERE. And meet the greatest people EVER.

In March at my local show in Phoenix, I’ll be passing my “2011 Advertising Person of the Year” mantle and plaque on to this year’s lucky winner. It was an honor to receive it. And even though I’m getting older (sigh) my desire to do great work hasn’t waned. In fact, attending all these ADDY  judgings is so inspirational, it just makes me want to go forth and create! I see work being done at every budget level from next to nothing (student work)…all the way to big bucks (casinos)…and it proves to me that big ideas aren’t always dependent on big dollars.