The proof is in the praise

“DD has a great ability to synthesize information and boil it down into a great creative concept. She is very adaptable to change under high pressure, fast paced agency environments. Her approach is very personable and brings a positive energy to the team. She is a great leader in the creative development process and adds value in every situation.”
-Daniela Ajamie, Director of Marketing, Red Mountain Weight Loss

“DD is a unique talent: she is a superlative concept person, a creative strategist and an incisive thinker, bringing new perspectives to each project and a level of creativity that is unmatched.”
-John Tomkiw, Creative Director/Brand Consultant/Writer

“The year I was president of the American Marketing Association Phoenix, DD agreed to be VP Communications. Her work was outstanding, she organized, wrote and got our newsletters, emails and direct mail communications back on track. She brought excellent skills in writing, editing and leadership to this area, which was lacking prior. I have such high regard for her and all that she did for the chapter that year. I highly recommend her.”
-Karen Kallet, SVP, Marketing Operations, Axos Bank

“DD has an amazing talent and skillset; she listens, collaborates for a strategic approach, and then thoughtfully crafts the words needed. When I need creative, effective and timely copywriting, I choose DD.”
-Caroline Pilkington, Principal, Pilkington Advertising & Design

“Diana is a true copy maven. She has a great knack to understand the client and project without needing extensive background. She consistently over- delivers, bringing a tone and style to each project with an understanding of the goal and overall feel of the campaign in all mediums. She’s great!”
-Ted Anderson, President, Anderson Advertising

I love working with DD. She gets it. As a creative director, it’s great to have a copywriter like DD that can really step in, take the ball and run with it. I know that when we meet and review a project that she will ask all the right questions and dive in wholeheartedly. Her writing is smart, focused and well-crafted. Collaborating with a writer like DD is one of the reasons I love this business.
-Craig Hedges, Creative Director, TriVita, Inc.

I have used DD as a copywriter and concept person for over 10 years in a variety of disciplines—from hospitality to community development—and it seems like everything in between. She is always on time, in budget and focused on a solution based upon the marketing discipline…she is the best!
Jim Flynn, Marketing Consultant, Former Marketing Director, Downtown Phoenix Partnership

I’ve had the opportunity to work with DD many times over the years and she is simply one of the best writers I’ve seen. She is an insightful and strategic thinker and is very innovative when it comes to creative problem solving. DD is also a very versatile writer and best of all, she has a special ability to subtly sell with her copy. She has always been a great resource.
-Mark Cornelius, Senior Manager, Creative Services at Healthways

DD is one of those people who remind you what creativity is all about. She approaches every project with fresh eyes and bold ideas that push beyond what’s expected to something that gets attention and results. We can always count on DD to come through. She is a true professional.
-Mark Godfrey, Owner, Parker Madison Dialog Marketing

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